Good Company

Good company has multiple meanings, primarily of course indicating an organization or business that sells goods and/or services to make money. The other meaning with which this article is linked to is “people”; the company of a person or people. If you are in India there is the possibility that you would have come across … More Good Company

The Peace Wall

There is a belief that what one does or experiences on the 1st day of the year lasts through the year. Hence January 1st 2019 was about driving to a small town called Cherpulassery in Palakkad district; a part of Valluvanad or Arangottu Swaroopam, an early administrative division of the Chera kingdom. There is also … More The Peace Wall

The drawings on the wall – Chumar Chitram

  “Whatever they draw satisfies them totally, because it is the correct image of the symbol created in their minds. Children do not judge the visual correctness of their drawings, mainly because their perceptions are different from those of adults, and also because they have not yet reached the stage in their development when they … More The drawings on the wall – Chumar Chitram