No Time, Sorry I am busy!

Does this statement sound familiar; I guess it does. Each of us have heard this at sometime or the other or probably everyday and we have also said this many times ourselves.  Off late I am avoiding this statement as far as possible. It is not easy believe me, It is very difficult, because in some situation it is actually no time, but then I have taken a vow to not blame time for not being able to keep with a commitment.

Now have I gone crazy to take such a decision. Not really, but I am sure that if I do not stick on this I will go crazy, because every time I say “No Time, Sorry I am busy!”, I am telling my brain that this is the easiest and convincing excuse to use. Again making excuses is a natural defense mechanism, and is often the primary cause of not meeting and accomplishing goals. I have started noticing that time is always there if we really want to do something, what I mean is that if we need to start believing in our own capabilities. We need to take failures with a pinch of salt. In every failure there is a hidden success which we never try to see! This is a one aspect that each of us needs to explore and sustain. We can actually start this as an experiment. Explore another person’s failure at something and discover the hidden success story. Then share it with that individual. Do this a couple of times and you will be able to do the same to yourself!

PS: All views and thoughts expressed are my own.


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