Is 24hr enough?

“I wish I had a couple of more hours and I could finish this work today…”

Before I get into the above statement, I will like to take a different perspective of things. Here is a scenario.

Generally when a grownup meets a school going child(lets assume that the child is in class I) here is a how the conversation goes :
Grownup: Hello, how are you, beta? (here beta does not necessarily mean a boy child!)
Child: I am fine.
Grownup: So beta, do you go to school?
Child: Yes, “xxxxx”(school name)
Grownup: Which class are you in?
Child: Class I
Grownup : Do you come first in class ?
Child : Grins 🙂
Grownup : So beta, what do you want to become when you grow up; Doctor or Engineer ?
Child: Pauses before responding and responds with one of the given options?

A harmless conversation! Well not really. Two inputs got embedded in the child’s unconscious mind. First, about comparison and competition; Second there are only two serious career choices – Doctor or Engineer.

The first input is the source of our day-to-day issue of no time and being too busy.  We are always trying to get ahead of our nearest competitor; and this competitor can be even our near and dear! My question to all is are we also trying to get ahead in who dies first? —– “Food for Thought”

Has anyone seen nature speeding up its processes. No, right, or maybe we never had the time to notice! The sun does not rise early and set late. Trees and other living things still go through the same time for their life cycle(unless externally induced by man). So where are we running and what are we trying to achieve. Even if we achieve what we desire, is there a cost attached, after all there is no free lunch. And in this entire universe, creation is always the result of a destruction.

If only each of us could take 10 minutes of our extremely busy schedule to sit back and ponder(as a neutral person) over a recent accomplishment. Did we really achieve what we think we achieved or was it just food for all or some of our 5 senses(sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing)?


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