The Right in the Wrong

How many times have each of us done something wrong and then justified to ourselves and convinced others why it is right and not wrong. In-numerable, countless, many a time, always…..

How can something we do right become wrong with the passage of time? How can we do something right and later feel that we have actually done wrong. Is our mind playing tricks on us? Is our sense of logic betraying us? The whole aspect is so confusing. We always hear people saying, “The person who does something wrong, will always have something to justify for”, is it really so. There are so many scenarios wherein the wrong has been done and the person or people who did it do not feel bad or think that they have done any wrong.

It is a big mystery,  that has come down through time. Well there is no really big mystery, it is just that one needs to look at the whole scenario with a different view, a view not easy to obtain, a view not easy to understand, a view that is a paradigm shift, a view you will may not readily accept…

Until next time

Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger! by michelle w. on January 6, 2014 


1. Ojhri Camp disaster (Part 1)
2. What Am I?


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