Hate not, Just let go

The word Love, as a noun is defined as “a strong feeling of affection” and the antonym is “hatred”.

The antonym is good to read, but not practical in real life. Let me cite an example. I love chocolates, couple of years back I would always have loads of chocolate at home. Presently I do not prefer chocolates, I still do not hate chocolates, I just avoid by choice.

The same can be practiced with people. Earlier it was different, the people I did not like, used to dislike them, sometimes hate them and start avoiding them. As time passed from days to weeks to months and in some cases years, I started forgetting them or rather their presence in any form disappeared from my active senses. Of course during small casual talk with other people if one or some of these people’s reference came up, immediately some old not so good memories would start flashing in the mind. The refreshed link/links to these people would linger around for hours or days and then slowly they fade away. After couple of such occasions, I did some subtle analyzing and noticed that it was always the bad incidents with the folks that I would be forced to remember, never a good one. I decided to try an experiment, every time a situation turned up, I would force my brain to turn up some good memories with the individual/s. After a couple of occasions, bad memories reduced in number and after a while stopped completely. With the negativity related to the individual gone, my dislike for the person was also gone. It was like seeing someone on the road or in a public place and since I do not know the person, I do not have any specific feelings towards that individual.

After many years of adopting this methodology, I am in better control of the feelings I have for people. I can quickly dissociate bad feeling’s and just retain the good. The memories  are not gone, just don’t have the priority tag so that they don’t pop up anytime and every time.

By the way this exercise is really tough, believe me! It must have taken me more than a year or two, I really don’t have an exact answer, but it is worth it. It is effective for everything, not only people, could be specific food (to stop cravings), habits, etc.

The biggest advantage in adopting this technique is the positive energy that one gets in a not so good situation, and feeling less stressed out or depressing.

I am keen to get some feedback or any similar experience you may have come across.


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