The Mad Rush

Another year has come to close in the education sector in India, and multitudes of students who have completed their Class XII are busy preparing/appearing for the various entrance examinations for different engineering/medical colleges across India. A kind of Rat race! I have nothing personal against these competitive examinations; I am just worried for kids who may not make or rather may not get a required score to get admission. For some it almost a do or die scenario.

Aren’t there other options, I mean everyone has some unique talent, some find it early in life and loose it on the way, some find it late in life and make it up, some find it late in life and decide to abandon it, some never find it, for some, others find it for them and then there is the very small group which actually find and use their talent and are successful. How can we inculcate the belief in the thousands who don’t make in the exams and consider themselves to be less fortunate or intelligent then the others who made it?

We loose what we have in pursuit of someone’s dream!

Our system of education needs to change. I am not hinting at our schools and colleges, but a much more basic thing, our basic learning. We need to teach children to value themselves first, “you are what you are”, “you are the world”, and “the world is what you are”. In fact one can even replace the world with the universe. This will make them more confident and prepare them to face the world better and take decisions based on a situation. Everyone is a teacher and every experience a learning. We should not forget that Learning is an automatic process; we don’t have control over our five senses, so how can we decide what to learn and what not to!

It is high time we run behind values and not numbers, if we want the world to be a better place for ourselves and the future. No one can save us,  ONLY we can save our-self.  I should not blame others for what I am facing or going through, because  “I am” the root cause.


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