The Right Qualification!

There has been a lot of furore recently on having the right qualification for a particular role. When will the folks realise that qualification is not a “magic wand” or advantage; at times it is more of a hindrance for growth.

I am a firm believer that there is nothing called a right qualification for any role or position, after all these qualifications have been made by humans for humans, and are awarded on the basis of some form of examinations/assessment again developed and administered by humans. I strongly believe that the true qualifications of an individual for a role are: A goal, a strong will, the ability to think critically through a problem(present at birth and lost on the way to adulthood) and experience. Everything else can be learn’t on the way. The reason I believe this, is from my own experience.

We are so distorted in our outlook and always feel that a degree or pg or something will do wonders for the individual. A piece of paper is all that we care for; we are never concerned about the individual’s capability to do a particular task.

After having worked in the Information Technology industry for more than two decades initially as a technical person and then in management, I decided to get into career profiling and coaching for kids. All through my work life I have seen people who studied a certain speciality or got a certain degree without really knowing why they went for it and then worked in a completely different area. And then later in life they realise that “this is not what I should have been doing. This is not what I like.” However by then it is too late to change. I felt that it is very important that as child and in their growing years, their foundation is well built. Schools without passionate teachers would only create people who are similar to the products that we see getting created from a factory. Today most of the schools have a mould where every student in force fitted and by the time they finish their schooling, a partially finished product is released to the world. On this finishing activities in the form of degrees/certifications are performed and the finished good’s is available for display for the industry and organisation to choose and pick. What remains after the “choose and pick” gets either thrown into the waste basket or may be “recycled” (additional learning/degrees/certifications) and circle starts again.

This practice has to change, we need to give our children an education that emphasizes on practical aspect more than just theory. There should be emphasize on art and craft from the very primary levels; this will ensure that the creativity in every child is nurtured and not killed! I believe that it is Art and Culture that is important; science and math is always part of it, but the vice-versa is not true. Today’s children do not read Mulla Naseeruddin stories, or the Jataka tles, or Hitoupadesha or Birbal stories, they have only seen Doremon, or Chota Bheem or cartoonised forms of Epics (and the epic twisted and modified by the makers of these cartoons) on one the children’s channels. These new generation programs send out a subtle form of violence in their depiction, and the child grows up with this buried deep inside somewhere lying dormant and then emerging as they grow older. I believe that the violence and atrocities that we see and hear around us are the results and trying to “fix” them can only be temporary solution and very soon the fix will get over ridden.

We need to re build our school syllabus to constitute and highlight our philosophy, culture and knowledge. For e.g. Today our children are mesmerized by the international tourist places; but how many of them (here I would like to include the adults) know about the great destinations in India. We have places in India where there are structures built (many centuries ago) with such precise calculations, that amaze us even today. There are beautiful places the beauty of which surpasses some of the most beautiful places (around the world) as cited by various magazines and media.


Education is a basic necessity of every individual; however “the education” should be of use to the individual’s day to day life and not just a piece of paper to flaunt and secure a job. Instead of everyone trying to become an engineer or doctor, there is opportunity for so many other professions. I wish if the government can showcase (something like the census data dashboards) the current demand for the different types of jobs, based on the area of expertise, etc. This way the youth is better informed and will make informed decisions to planning their career. Isn’t it better to have few applicants who are passionate about what they have studied and focused to deliver than thousands of “qualified” applicants!


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