Rise of the Qualified and Fall of the Employable

Have been interviewing candidates for past couple of weeks and it is extremely frustrating to find that there is such a lack of employable folks, be it freshers or experienced. Almost all the candidates are well qualified armed with degree’s, post degrees and certification’s!!!

Most of the applicants are not even sure why they applied to the position, half baked resumes, strange career objectives, and a very callous approach at attending the interview. I am very sure that most of them got certified by chance or the certification processes do not really care about the quality of the certified, after all certification is a huge business. By the way I have nothing against certification, there was time when “certified” meant knowledge and I think today it is not necessarily true.

So what does it mean to say that a person is employable? Couple of factors amongst which the most important is “Skill”, next but equally important is “Values held by the individual” and “Presentability – be it in the resume, in the social media or interview”.

Skill is not about degrees or certifications, skill is all about being competent for a position/role, being able to meet the requirements of the role. It is also about not exceeding the requirement! To backtrack a bit, one needs to really do a good homework to analyse and understand the requirements of the hiring manager/company, be slightly self critical and then take a conscious call of whether to apply or not!

“Values” make or break an individual. Unlike what most of us think and understand this is a very critical and important component of an individual, and hence has its bearing in everything, from groups of people, teamwork, corporate, society and what not, anything and everything that involves people. It is not only difficult but almost impossible to alter/change values of an individual, hence it is of utmost importance to ensure that that the individuals with values that align with the organisational values are chosen.

“Presentability” is an essential component. Most freshers who are just out of college, give the least importance when it comes to writing their resume. They would just get a copy of someone’s resume, make the necessary changes and then starting sending it out to hiring manager’s or organizations. The resumes are never double checked for spelling mistakes, punctuation, usage of the right words etc. Apart from the resumes, a lot of them arrive for the interviews in a careless manner and kind of give the feeling to the interviewer that “I don’t care if I get this job or not!”

Believe me “Employability starts at home” and not at school or college as is normally believed. The formative years of 0 – 7 are very very crucial and is like the characteristics of sponge. Everything is absorbed, almost everything that is absorbed is considered true, especially from parents. It is important or rather critical that the individual learns the right and wrong, good and bad. Let’s look at an example. While traveling in the bus a person looses his wallet to a pickpocket. Now if the person’s value’s are aligned towards “Right” and “Good”, he would consider that because he was not careful he lost his wallet. On the other hand if the values are aligned on “Wrong” and “Bad” he could look at this as an option to make some quick money! The foundation always makes the difference!

In a similar way, if the child continues to see the parents doing their own chores and not depending on others, it fosters a sense of skill building and independence. The first step in “Presentability” is how parents present information to their children. Most parents answer their child’s curiosity with quick, short and abrupt answers, which is what the first resume reflect, which is how the grown up child present themselves.

The next couple of years between 8 to 13 is spend on mimicking or copying which again is of parents and people around. This process is a form of trying out activities to enforce rather than blind acceptance. From 13 years to 21 there is a great influence of “Peers”, and there is a subtle escapism from earlier learning’s to get more close to people who are more “like me”, the media in all forms play a role especially were the values are aligned to the “like me”.

So like I said in one of my earlier posts, Parents have a big role in what is happening around us, be it unemployment, be it social problems, or the development of the nation or world peace!


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