The New Year

There are times I wonder if only these milestones of life were not there, like birthday’s, anniversary’s, new year’s would we have remained younger both physically and mentally? It is always these milestones that keep reminding us mentally that we are growing older. I know our education has taught us that our organs grow older and our system gets older, however I still believe that if we can make our mind to believe that we do not grow older we would remain young for more years to come. It is the inherent fear of growing old and dying that literally kills us.

I was reading the various posts on Facebook “It’s been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it.” Why are we thanking others, We should be thanking ourself first. If “I” was not there, it really does not matter if others are there. After all it is the “I’s” that forms the others. It is confusing food for thought at the end of the year šŸ™‚

With every New Year, there are more reflections that gives us insight into life and beyond. Life as we thought it was, Life as we think it is, Life as we want to be. And amongst all these there is a deeper reflection within us that reflect a certain absorbed reflection that no words can depict. Technically as we grow older let us spend more time with the absorbed reflection to be a better human, after all we are a critical link in the chain of life forms. Let us put away all forms of differences and treat life as it is. Let us realise that all differences other than natural are man made and so “I” can ignore them. The world is not created perfect, which is why mountains are not similar, all the leaves in a tree are not similar, the moon looks different everyday, the waves are not similar, etc, etc. Creation is always unique, manufacturing is not!

Enjoy the holidays and warm wishes.


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