An evening with the doyen – Mattanur Sankarankutty Marar

Padmashree Mattanur Sankarankutty Marar, the percussionist wizard, who along with his sons and accompanying percussionists performed a scintillating display of triple Thayambaka. Listening to Sri Marar, one wonders how can an Asura Vadhyam, a demonic instrument which the chenda is considered as, literally take the listener from a motionless state to a state of blissful ecstasy. Surely it is clear that goodness dwells in everything including evil!!!

The rendering of the Sopana Sangeetham, until now had helped everyone in and around the Layam Koothambalam to move to a peaceful state of mind, a state in which each of us can experience calmDPP_0043 Collage, experience the nature around us and be ready to move the mind to bliss or eternal happiness.

Music is in the Air, yes that is the right statement, Sri Mattanur and team took everyone present on a journey of rhythms, at times like the faint bubbling creek, at times like the gushing river, the gushing river then dropping from above as a giant waterfall. Waterfall where one can listen to different sounds of the water, soft sounds, loud sounds, the cascading sounds, the occasional splash of water and quietness sets in as one moves along with the relaxed flow of the river. A slow hum reverberates and the river meets the ocean with a thunderous roar of waves, the water tossing around whatever it carries, and happy to have reached the destination, enjoying the bliss, floating around. And suddenly you are brought back to reality. The Thrithayambaka (Triple Thayambaka) is over.

The magic is over for now. The facial expression on Sri Mattanur, his sons and team display the immense pleasure and enjoyment they have had, the audience is still speechless, one cannot believe that it is over for the day. Although it is late and past my bedtime, I feel as if the day has just started. I am sure it was the same for everyone, irrespective of age.

Organised as a part of the Poornojwalam by Veda Dhwani Cultural Trust

Personal recording of the event


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