Yoga and Mind Management

Yoga means to join. Join means to connect or link two or more things. Most of us connect Yoga with Asanas or the exercises; however there is more to it. So Yoga basically means a fusion of the mind and body.

Sri. Girishkumar, the founder chairman of Shripuram Trust, presided over the concluding program of Yoga Sapthaham at Anandadham, Kodungallur. His talk on Mind Management put to rest the many doubts in the mind’s of the audience and ignited the thought process on all round benefits of Yoga and the subtle but critical importance of Mind Management in the overall wellbeing of the individual. Girishji explained that to live a good life human’s require three entities, the body, the mind and intelligence in the right proportion. Else it can be disastrous, for e.g. if an individual is extraordinarily intelligent a genius, it can be a problem as most of the time they are typically misunderstood and underestimated by peers, by society, and usually even by themselves resulting in underutilizing of their potential. The same is true in the case of Mind and Body. Binding the Body, the Mind and Intelligence and ensuring that there is good synchronization between each is what yoga helps an individual achieve.

Yoga for the body helps to ensure that the various components of our body are in a healthy state and are in good co-ordination with each other. The body is the most important instrument to do anything in life.

” शरीरमाद्यं खलु धर्मसाधनम् (sharIramAdyaM khalu dharmasAdhanam) – The body is the foremost instrument for doing good deeds. ”

A good body, free of diseases and healthy is important to enjoy the fruits of our hard work. Ghata Yoga an interpretation of asana as described by Patanjali Maharshi’s Ashtanga yoga. Ghata means earthen pot. Just as a clay pot must be baked in a kiln for it to serve the purpose, similarly the human body considered akin to the pot needs to undergo the transformation through yoga, to successfully accomplish the goals in life. The asanas also help discipline the various parts of the human body an action that happens consciously. At the same the unconsciously the prana shakti or life force(vitality) is also disciplined. The prana shakti or vitality is a kind of a physical entity, the non-materialistic entity can be described as the mind. So essentially we are slowly moving from a materialistic to a no-materialistic realm. We all know that the mind like our knowledge or intelligence is not something that we can see or touch! Ofcourse this can bring in some confusion, as all the while we have been made to understand about object that we can look and feel. However it is also true that it is not necessary for us to believe that something exists only because we have seen it or felt it. As Sri Ramakrisha says “You see many stars in the sky at night, but not when the sun rises. Can you therefore say that there are no stars in the heavens during the day?”

This essentially means that the path to the non-materialistic realm is through materialistic means, the path to the mind is the body! In this context it is of utmost importance to understand that all asana’s are not suitable to everybody and hence needs to be practised under proper guidance.

So much for now, the “Mind” is something that has no boundaries. Will continue in my next post. All that I have penned are my very basic understanding of Sri Girishji’s talk.

The description on “Mind” and its definite and impactfull part in our day to day life needs another post 🙂


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