Banking is all about trust. What a joke!!!

I recently visited a “Nationalised Bank” to get a cheque book. I park my vehicle and get into the lift and was not sure if the branch was located on the 2nd floor or 3rd. I checked with a person who was there in the lift and he informed me that the branch no longer functions here!!!! That was a shocking statement to hear. The person told that it has moved to somewhere close by. I got out of the lift on the 2nd floor and decided to walk down. At the first floor stuck to a closed shutter, written in black ink on a normal piece of paper, I found a small note indicating the new location of the branch.

I finally managed to locate the branch. I walked in and asked the person sitting in the first counter with regard the shifting of the branch and why the customers were not informed, prompt came the reply “I just joined this office 2 days back..” and look on the face “How do you think I can help you?”.

I put in my request for the cheque book and was told to wait as the ‘concerned person was in the back somewhere’. After waiting for a while, I re-approached the counter to know the status. This time there was a lady helping out this gentleman (‘who had joined 2 days back’). I guessed she must have been with this branch for sometime, so put forth the question ‘When did the branch move here?’ the reply with a grin ‘May 27th’. I checked back ‘Aren’t customers informed of the branch’s movement?’ the response a bigger grin or smile….

The banks always insist that customer’s should update their personal details like address and contact details promptly. I wonder if it is not important for the bank to do so . Here is an excerpt from the “The customer rights policy” of the bank :

Communicate unambiguously the information about –
a. discontinuation of particular products,
b. relocation of their offices
c. changes in working hours
d. change in telephone numbers
e. closure of any office or branch

-with advance notice of at least 30 days.


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