I guess before I delve into this I should give a brief of what unschooling is all about. Well simply put “No more School” 🙂 🙂 🙂 How I wish I knew about this when I was in school. So what is bad about schooling?


The above two images gives you the answer to the effect of schooling. I know this is one topic that is going to raise a lot of eyebrows and invoke sentimental thoughts like “what a stupid, foolish thought process?” However if each of you take a moment to put yourself in ‘Neutral’ mode and reflect upon the above pictures and think un-biased, I am very sure you will agree to my thought, well if not agree atleast start a thought process within yourself.I would say ‘we don’t need more professionals who are on the lookout for a job’; ‘we need individuals who are creative, independent and an entrepreneur’. If it were not for the non-math, non-science and non-commerce folks who are generally termed ‘a bit crazy’, who indulge in areas of art, culture, sports, social service, etc the world would have been worse than a prison. In the words of Sri Devi Prasad (an Indian artist) “We know that science has also been made a slave; it has been used for creating the most destructive kind of weapons of war, which every minute threaten even the survival of life on the earth. It has also provided human kind with all kinds of means of luxury and indulgence, which have resulted in grossly aggravating the inequalities that exist in society, instead of eradicating them. And yet people are not able to be discreet in the management of science. They want education to be totally geared to the physical sciences.” “Human beings start experiencing creativity from a very early stage in life. Unfortunately, the inherent creativity of childhood gradually disappears in later years. Given the social structure and values nurtured by the so-called modern educational system, which ignores the role of art in the development of the personality of the child, his or her natural creativity tends to end with the beginning of adolescence. If that quality in children is to be retained, the educational system that exists today must be totally overhauled, nay, revolutionized.” “Gandhi and Tagore had a vision of a liberated human being. That vision can be realized only through an educational approach, based on creativity in which the aim of every activity is the affirmation of the unity within the individual’s personality and, at the same time, the unity of all humanity. In other words, art has an essential role to play in the educational process, the aim of which is human unity.”This is so true, all through my career I have often heard from my manager(‘s) asking us to be ‘Creative’ and ‘think out of the box’; what a joke, we lost our creativity the moment the child in me started recognizing and sensing my surrounding and people; day by day I learnt to not-trust anyone including ‘Myself’; I learnt that freedom was a ‘myth’;I learnt happiness was ‘momentary’; I became aware that the human in me took the backseat somewhere on the way. I learnt that keeping others happy was the best way to remain un-troubled by them. The vicious animal in me raised its head, the vicious rat race to be the No. 1!Schooling is also about being compartmentalized, right from day 1 the virtual walls/boundaries start building one after another, knowledge gets instilled(implanted), there is a curriculum/ excercies/ending with an examination, the scheduling begins, the comparisons start, the competition sets in, stress becomes a part of life, there is a need to have a career plan and with that the sleepless nights to clear competitive exams(which always comes with extra classes, specialized tuitions’ as an addon). In between all this doing some extra curricular activities can gain extra marks or considerations for admissions….. By the time one leaves school, the transformation from a human being to a machine has been partially completed, couple of more years in graduate schools and the perfect career driven machine with un realistic goals sets forth to conquer the “world of maya”, brushing aside the fact that his/her predecessor had failed miserably before him/her. After many years of struggle, with the external and internal world, some reach a stage when realisation sets in that the purpose of this life is something completely different from all this and that the ultimate happiness is deep within and no amount of external happiness can come anywhere close to the internal one.True unschooling is all about not at all going to school and allowing the child to follow his/her interests, allow natural learning to happen, realizing experiences, in the process understanding that the world is full of opportunities, live life to the fullest along with nature. Excellent, however my thought process is a bit different though, else our present social system would immediately outcaste such an individual; and ensure that the individual fails.Therefore after some basic years in schools, why not look at Open Schooling? The first question that pops up in almost everyone’ mind : Well isnt that for children with less IQ, or physically or mentally challenged, or who are not good in studies.The National Institute of Open Schooling(NIOS) that started as a project of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)way back in 1979. In 1989 the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India set up the National Open School (NOS) to cater towards Open Basic Education. NIOS offers programs at 3 levels, A(class III), B(class V) and C(class VIII). It also has a Secondary(Class X) and Senior Secondary(XII) program. I am sure not many are aware of such an option. There is a choice and children get to choose from a variety of subjects like painting, Business Studies, Psychology, Indian Culture & Heritage at Secondary level(Class X), Library and Information Science, Mass Communication, Introduction to Law, Environmental Science as part of Sr. Secondary (Class XII).Don’t force your child/children to study what they do not like. Let them study something that is aligned to their passion and interest at their own pace and gain knowledge rather than just passing exams, and being toppers. Let education be about knowing the self, about knowing the way of righteousness, experiencing the knowledge, being informed, have enough wealth***, and remain human!***enough for our needs but not enough for our greed. Let wealth come in a purified form(legitimate and moral). Earn that which has not yet been got, put in efforts to preserve what has been got and increase the same, the surplus can then be given to the deserving.


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