After having spent more than 2 decades in Technology and People Management, I decided to let go and spend my time, effort and resources in Coaching. I love to talk to people, especially kids and parents. I love to have  discussions about odd topics. I love to stimulate and challenge the young mind, to start thinking differently,  and in the process rake up my own mind to think differently and unlearn . It is always a win-win 🙂

Given an opportunity and if I can find the time, I love to travel and get acquainted with different culture.

All views and thoughts expressed here are my own. They do not represent those of the people, institutions or organizations that I may or may not be related with unless stated explicitly.

My thoughts and opinions change from time to time as I learn more and develop my understanding about various things that I am blogging about. The blog is a snapshot of the knowledge, views, and opinions that I hold at a particular point of time and may or may not change over a period of time.

All rights are reserved to evolve my knowledge, thoughts, and viewpoints over time and change them without any reason.


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