The drawings on the wall – Chumar Chitram

  “Whatever they draw satisfies them totally, because it is the correct image of the symbol created in their minds. Children do not judge the visual correctness of their drawings, mainly because their perceptions are different from those of adults, and also because they have not yet reached the stage in their development when they … More The drawings on the wall – Chumar Chitram


(Compiled from my posts on FB) “Pramana” is an important aspect of every individual. Pramana literally means proof, an important facet between science and superstition. However most of us may not be even aware that “Pramana” means ‘ways by which knowledge is gained’ and is more of obtaining accurate and valid knowledge, …. it is … More Pramana

Fear of Exams

Everyone has fears in some form of the other. The ‘Fear’ of ‘exams’ somehow lives through one’s life time. Off late I find this fear far greater in students, they are simply terrified…. Why should not they be, after all educational institutions actually spend more time in conducting exams and exam related activities than imparting … More Fear of Exams

Back to School

It has been ages since I left school. The last few days I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with school students of different schools. As I had indicated in one of my previous posts, the transition to the Career Profiling area has been an eye opener in an area called ‘Education’ which … More Back to School

The New Year

There are times I wonder if only these milestones of life were not there, like birthday’s, anniversary’s, new year’s would we have remained younger both physically and mentally? It is always these milestones that keep reminding us mentally that we are growing older. I know our education has taught us that our organs grow older … More The New Year