Rise of the Qualified and Fall of the Employable

Originally posted on Random Thoughts:
Have been interviewing candidates for past couple of weeks and it is extremely frustrating to find that there is such a lack of employable folks, be it freshers or experienced. Almost all the candidates are well qualified armed with degree’s, post degrees and certification’s!!! Most of the applicants are not…

The 5 Senses

The 5 senses are the cause of all our fun, failures and frustrations. BTW the 5 senses are sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. You must be wondering, this has reached its limit, this is crazy, come on talk some sense…… YOU are kind of right, however it is only when you become crazy that … More The 5 Senses

Is 24hr enough?

“I wish I had a couple of more hours and I could finish this work today…” Before I get into the above statement, I will like to take a different perspective of things. Here is a scenario. Generally when a grownup meets a school going child(lets assume that the child is in class I) here is … More Is 24hr enough?